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Grid-Tie Renewable Energy in BVI.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

There has never been a better time to invest in renewable energy than now! Help the energy transition in the Virgin Islands.

Save money while helping the environment!

The Grid-Tie Renewable energy regulation has passed in the BVI and the permitting and inspection process established. ATEC has all necessary licensing to install grid-tied systems and start saving you money on your electricity bill. Yes, the BVI is green friendly!

 The British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation (Renewable Energy) Regulations came into force on the first of November, 2018. Today you can get a grid-tied solar energy system to power your home or business. This new legislation provides an opportunity for anyone to become an energy consumer-generator.  These legislative changes are facilitating and encouraging the generation of electricity from renewable sources in the BVI and reduce our dependency on foreign fossil fuel as a nation. We can now save money while helping the environment!

In this new Grid-Tied scenario one can invest in solar power generation without the use of batteries and thereby significantly reduce the up front cost of investing in renewable energy. 

What's a Grid-Tied system? When you install a grid-tied renewable energy generation system (commercial or domestic) for your own usage, the excess power generated will be sold to BVIEC and you will receive a credit for this power generation. Over time this results in free power generation.

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